He Was All I Ha

It was easy to tell,

which one of us had fell.

I had butterflies everyday,

Only the kind he gave.


He didn't even know,

I was forced to put on a show.

His girlfriend didn't care for me

So I acted indifferently.


The truth was painfully obvious,

but maybe he was oblivious.

I tried so hard to make him smile,

Even if that meant waiting a while.


I was the perfect friend,

I would've stsyed until the end.

When he needed advice,

I was always by his side.


I thought it was time to say

everything I hid away.

He couldn't even look me in the eyes.

Why was it such a surprise?


With tears flowing steady.

My heart just wan't ready.

He told me that this was goodbye,

and I will never understand why.


It hurt more than ever before

but I walked out that door.

The sun had stopped shining,

so I looked to the moon.


It took so much time,

but eventually I was alright.

I realized he was all I had,

but that was undisguisably bad.


I don't need him anymore.

I am strong and healthy once more.

After you, there was a light.

I just had to find it.


Being strong is a hard task,

but one worth fighting for,

Because in the end, that's what lasts.


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