Nomadic Feet


United States
35° 2' 50.8992" N, 81° 57' 51.8076" W

(poems go here) Eyeslike sunshine, thoughts like a summer rain,
The one wild streak the boys find ever fair,
And while the heart is here, there, everywhere,
Knowing of no home drives a girl insane.

No comfort found, nomadic feet in pain,
Here I am wonderer without a care,
Said to be too much for one heart to bare,
Heartbreaker, heartbroken, no love to gain.

Walk past the lonely, leave me for dead,
A breaker of hearts, a saver of life,
I wait for the one, the one that will stay,
I, your fantasy, the one inside your head.
I free and flying, the saver of strife,
I wander everywhere, my heart so stray.


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