Broken Heart

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 19:42 -- vshultz

I can break my own heart just fine, thank you very much

And I don’t need you to judge

Me with your eyes of blue

Which seem to always come to my mind

When I think about you

But I can’t be blind

For I know that now is not the time

Although I think the stars are about to align

It is still not the right time

Because we have some growing up to see to

But one day our hearts will chime

But in the meantime just remember

I love you

And though my heart may be broken

Our love will continue as an ember

Waiting to be woken

So when the time comes

I want you to know that you never broke my heart

In fact you made it warm like the sun

But the point is I broke my own heart

When I let you get away

So my heart continues to be in a state of array

So don’t you judge

Because I can break my own heart, thank you very much



The heart is a very strange organ.

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