Unitled, Unclear Stricken by Fear

The paint on theses wall are starting to fade away.
My everlasting grip won't always be here to stay.
This faulting and destructive envy inside of this pain,
Well slowly start to leak out of my hopeless brain.
The agony remarked by the depths of skin,
Losing all sense of emotion that longs within.

Theses once white walls will slowly have a spot of red,
The guardian of death is starting to create my bed.
It's onces lively hands are reaching into my soul,
Destorying everything my heart has ever known.
The anguish of flames inside my body are tearing apart,
Breaking down everything that's ever been close to my heart.

The pain strived by remorse within my thoughts,
Making me feel worthless and distraught.
The face, onces seen in the mirror, is now broken,
With a mask surround by the words inside, that are soft spoken.
The voice is saying to remove it all and let it all go,
But it's abuse and burial is slowly starting to show.

My flesh is slipping through the the envy of quicksand,
Reaching my hands out, hoping for a place of solitude to stand.
My arms reached out from The pit of destruction,
Only to realize the pain is strangled by my own construction.

"Why?" Is the system of equations and questions I ask myself everyday.
Why does this anxiety and heart ache have to stay?
When will I be able to see through this self hate?
Will this be my final fate?

I'm stuck drowning in this sea of my thoughts,
Hoping to find the answere is all I got.
Maybe one day my soul will be set free,
And these gruesome demonds will disapear from me...

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