Dear God,


I try to move on the the future, and forget about my past, I don't' wanna waste my life away so fast, you say i have a heart so strong, so everything I have done wasn't all wrong?  I have made my mistakes, So I try to forget about the pointless heartaches,I wipe away my sad tears, and fight against my worst fears.  I only have one life, I wanna make it the greatest, Not have regrets and make it my saddest.  I like to make friends, but I have to be careful because even those relationships can have there messed up bends,I try not to fall in love because it tears me apart, I need top be gentle with my only heart.  I live my life each day, and I try to live it your way, I will always run into a kink here and there, Cause for goodness sake there everywhere.  So today I pray, That you will help me not waste my life away,that I can be the person you created, and I'm sorry Lord for how long I have waited, I will fight for what's right, and I know everything I will need is in plain sight.  Please lead me in the right direction, so I can finally make a correction, I pray for the day I have earned back all that I have lost, from this terrible path I have crossed, I want them to know that I am trying, and that's why I stay up all night crying, I don't cry because I want all the attention on me,I cry because all this hate in me needs to be set free.  I am afraid I'm loosing my Dad, I know I made him pretty mad.. It hurts me to know that I am the reason for my mom being sad, I want them to know that I am sorry for real,I would give anything for them to know that, that's how i feel.  So Lord, one again, I praythat you'll help me every step of the way, so here I ask, for forgiveness at last,and to let go of this terrible past, help me become the girl i wanna be, and no longer have this hatred that's inside of me.  I need you God every step of the way, For You are all I need each day.  In your name I Pray, Amen. 


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