The Death of Love

Thu, 09/10/2015 - 20:02 -- elianaw

This poem is a conversation between two people. The colors represent the person in the relationship who is speaking:


One night the storm came back to claim me as its own

I don't know who you are, but take me home

Away from this ghost town I'm circling in my mind


And I've tried painting in the toxic sunny skies

I know it's a mess, but we can try

Picking up every piece of us I left behind


And I know we've been running in circles the past few years

But I just can't seem to let it go

Please don't let me go


Tonight I'll make the high tide raise you from the depths

Of despair long gone, and when there's nothing left

We'll forget the bloodshed and you'll be on your way


Don't you dare tell me to leave, I'm already gone

Lost in the graveyard you call your heart

I'm the ghost of a woman I'm wishing I could be


And I know we've been running in circles the past few years

But I don't really think it's right

Please, just let it go


I'm holding my last breath waiting for you

Your reflection is coming in clearer

But I'm sick of choking on your fire and flame

And as I drift away, I am finally free

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