Broken Heart II by: Luis V

Broken Heart by: Luis V

I told you I won’t let you die 

You told me you won’t let me cry

You told me you didn’t want to see me cry anymore

I told you I won’t lie

I told you I do not want to see you go

You promised me me you wouldn’t go 

Now I have these memories inside of me

Now I try to push these memories aside 

Now I feel like I’m in hell

Welcome to my underworld 

I’ve been through shit with you

You’ve been through shit with me

I can’t say goodbye 

I can’t let go

Am I all right?

Did I die?

I want to cry

Because you broke my damn heart 

I don’t know why

I feel like I got trucked by a damn linemen in football

I told you my secret will go untold 

Now I’m finding someone to get this shit out of my chest 

I feel like I can’t fight

I make it through the night 

Just to wake up crying thinking of you

I died tonight


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