Broken heart

Broken Heart by: Luis V


Girl you broke my heart

God where you at, you better have my back

I didn’t deserve this pain

I didn’t deserve this 

I don’t deserve to cry at night 

I don't deserve to hate my dad

Girl she played me 

She got me looking stupid 

People said I should not be nice 

People I should be ruthless 

People want to see me be ruthless

People want to see me do the cheating 

People want me to do the killing 

Why did she do this to me?

Why did she leave me?

Why did she crush me like I’m a welcome mat?

Why did God allow her to kill me?

Where is my nice guy?

Did my nice guy die?

Because I know damn well I have not been myself lately

Where did my nice guy go?

Did you die?

Did you cry?

Did you lie?

Where are you nice guy?

Well now I guess I’m a mean guy

Goodbye nice guy :(


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