Not Again (Little Things)

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 12:34 -- Heart16


United States
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I feel so hurt and broken

Casted aside again

Lost and confused

Lead me on and get me excited

Want me and show me you care

Then trample me and drop me

Drop me like a lock of hair


These little things that people see

Are all the things that matter to me

Why do these things happen

Am I just the magnet to humility

The one meant to be dumped upon

I want more than anything

Just to be held - be loved and wanted


I understand these comings

I just know that something's wrong

Between these things and the past

These things all come and go

I hate this feeling more than anything

I'm sick of being sick

And I'm tired of being dropped


There was a feeling building inside

I had a thought of doubt within

The pressure towering

The feelings overpowering

The message comes and I fall inside

Nothing can take the pain away

Why must all be bad or good


Here comes vomit

Hold back the tears

All my feelings

Crash and burn

I'm starting to think again

Drop him -  drop everything

Become what they see me to be


Want nothing

Be nothing

Have nothing

See nothing

Oh no, not agian

Hear, see, be

Something small


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