Painted Black Dove

My veins are running dry now,
But I’ll try to write this one out.
I’ll express the things I think
With what’s left of this ink.

Take another breath
And take another chance.
That’s what we believed
Before we fell through the cracks.

The dust was inhaled through my lungs
When time told us to part,
Wish I could escape this nightmare
And meet up in our dark.

The words are lost
In this net of confusion,
I’ve been caught
In visions of your illusion.

With our lips so tight
What can we say?
Wish our hands at our sides
What can we feel?

Cast away your burdens
And hold your hands open.
When will we find each other
And meet up in our dark?

How are you living?
Those pictures seem so quant.
I don’t hear you knocking anymore,
So how long must I wait?

I’ve been staring at the clouds
Long enough to know I’m not allowed
To possibly come into your heart,
When will we meet up in our dark?





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