In The Moment

Just as much as I love her, I want her. Not the way someone wants to fuck. Oh no, it goes so much deeper that the heart can feel every emotion, right down to all 7 chakras. I want her in all 7 ways, and no, this ain't lust. Lust just wants to fuck. My heart wants her mind, her soul, spirit. I want the ability to understand emotions of hers without the utterance of vocals experssing that long and tiring day work put upon her body and mind. I want the ability to know what she wants by the look in those pretty brown pools. I want to know her needs by the way she walks, the way she sways so sexily in her way of being who she is. I wanna know the ins and outs, the good, the bad, and the ugly of her cause she deserves, as well as I. She is more than a woman to me, she is the sky, the moon, the stars summed up into one, she is more than I can describe, more than what has begun.

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