What Do You Want From Me

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 09:12 -- mani7


Oh why the painnnn
That you have caused me.

Just a curse, scars on my body.

Broke me down too my knees,

Felt so weak, sore then numb.

As I fall into the dark pit.

The abyss.

Of so called love.

Broken promises. 

Oh the pain.

All for this such thing 
they call love.

Does it exists?

I reminisce.

Love broke me down,daggers to 
the heart.

Seen the light now
here's comes the dark.

When love is gone,oh what is worse?

Love is the curse.


Broken promises, they still remain.

As my soul falls endlessly.

Pray for me? 

Whyyyyy oh love. 

What do you want from me?

Destroyed my mind and my brain.

Destroyed my bodyyy,

But it still remains.

Little fragments of my heart

Have broken down bitty parts.

The abyss devours it.

Broken promises what's happened to me.

It's a war my heart the enemy.

Broken promises oh the pain.

What is love when lost? 

can you explain?


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