Let You Go

Curly brown hair,

Messy in a wonderful kind of way.

Green eyes, my favorite color.

Tall and lean and oh,

That smile.

That dimpled smile.

That smile that made it all seem alright

So how come you were so wrong for me?


I remember the first days,

Because those were the best.

The innocent, joy-filled days.

Days full of laughter.

Days full of that lovely feeling

In the pit of my stomach.

Driving down the road, windows down, music up.

I knew you weren’t the best of the best.

I knew my mom wouldn’t approve.

But I approved. And oh,

That smile.


You seemed like the perfect blend

Of good and evil,

With all your silly tattoos

And your please and thank yous.

You’d hold the door and kiss my hand,

But how the ladies loved you.

You could charm the socks off anyone at all.

Dang it.

I always fall for the charming ones.


As good as you seemed,

As sweet as we were,

I couldn’t keep this up.

There wasn’t going to be any happy ending to this.

No sunshine on the other side of the ridge.

The truth is that you were so good

You’d ruin it all.

And you were so bad

It’d all fall apart.

Not now, but later.

I didn’t want to, I never wanted to.

I wanted to hold you close.

But I did what was right,

I let you go. 


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