Love. Hate. The words in

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 23:54 -- aj2259

Love. Hate. The words in my mind that can't decide the place where you belong. Yeah I know, another one of "those" poems about a "special bond" shared between two. This ain't it. It was no picnic, it was misery. A heart was given, maybe stolen, but never given back. Words, words, words. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Cries, cries, cries. No more words. "I hate you! I actually hate you!" Don't worry, these are just threads of what is bigger than us. Forgiveness? Forgivness?! I can never forgive the scars, they're there to remind me of you. You're the knife. Forgiveness is not for you. I forgive you. Hating you is impossible, but easily done. Friendship was our goal but you don't know. Do my words mean anything to you? Do my tears? No. Yes. Maybe. Tears? I'm only waiting for the day you look in the mirror and see yourself. It was all you. It couldn't have been you, it was all my fault. Everything was my fault. Even through the hell, I can still see it. The light of who you used to be.

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