Give me Pain, Give me Freedom


United States
42° 44' 3.3468" N, 73° 34' 58.6884" W

Its Round 3
I'm out of breath,
I can't keep going in circles,
My Heart is crying,
begging for mercy.
All this amounts to, is pain,
Love has disappeared,
I see its only a one-way street.
Wasting time, waiting to see,
If the direction ever changes.
I know I've made mistakes,
but my name isn't Jesus,
I just praise him.
Love is supposed to be stronger,
A bond so tight, not just any fight
could tear us apart.
I should've known your love wasn't strong enough,
I would've walked away sooner,
let you go like a bird, spread your wings,
watch you fly away like a bald eagle.
As time goes on and I attempt to climb higher,
I begin to realize...
Watching you has made me stronger,
Listening to you has made me wiser,
Though I tend to feel indifferent,
Your love was truly conditional.

What the world has come to today?
Ticking Bombs...
Why is there so much pain?
Logically and respectively,
Maybe, just maybe,
We're being held in vain,
for the suffering of a man, Jesus,
who paid for all of our sins.
Paying, is no game,
I learned the hard way.
But I gotta keep my head up,
learn and move on again,
I cant let the worry and pain weigh me down....
Not anymore

My energy,
Will rise one day,
and possibly float away,
to a lighter place,
or a child's grace,
and I will be free again,
starting something new,
fresh like an apple slice,
Ill be taken from all my old troubles,
ready to engage in a new world,
where it maybe.....?
Only Heaven knows.

God has a place, God has a plan,
I was put here to follow his command.


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