Dangerous Territory

Half past twelve
Ticking began
Surrounded by waves
In lengths that fade

Silence screamed
And my heart gave way
To the beast inside
Never felt this way

The winds were howling
The moon was full
Storms were movin'
And the tears were pouring

A faded image
With folded edges
Slightly burned
Yet cool to the touch

My heart was crying
My lungs were trying
Words weren't flowing
Mind escaping

The beast awoke
Chains were broken
Fighting back
The feelings held in

The clock stopped ticking
Everything fell
The ground started shakin'
The sky started fallin'

Cracks filling in
Heart started pounding
Winds died down
Rain kept pouring

Blacken eyes
Pouting blues
Cloudy skies
Where are you

The storm is gone
F-5 damaged
Broken soul
Left to scrimmage

Fading paths
Tenders byes
Holding close
Feelings die

Ten years past
Golden sights
Starry nights
And still no sign

The beast is sleeping
Half past twelve
The clock starts ticking
Bricks start falling

Losing breath
Heart is racing
Waves all around
The voice that sounds

Words starts flowing
Rain stops pouring
No more howling
Garden's growing

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Corrie Pearson

Great poem, I really like the way its written.... Thanks for sharing!

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