Sinking Blues

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 19:32 -- Khazeli

I know this pain is seeping into you
Probably turning your amniotic fluid blue
Still taking little sips I wish were tasty
Laying here over 24 hrs and I can't barely move
Only getting the reminder of you moving around but Im still aloof
Watching my body leave the room to at least feed you not caring if I eat
Lost in an abyss of overflowing rain
My eyes missing seeing yours next to me but they don't meet
Your departure wasn't even a bit discreet
Now I find it hard to breathe
With your baby leaning on my lungs finding room to grow
But you're not here to watch her kick n show
No calls or texts to even ask if we know
Never felt anything like this before
Dreams of wishing we never met
Now she cuddling with you wishing that too
Those gazing looks of love now out of focus
My light hazel eyes can't see you for miles
Just you starring at dark brown eyes in between dark brown thighs
All in one blink of selfish acts from February to soaring high
High on lies and tainted love, Oh how I loved that love!
But unknowingly high on lies
Soaring high in the sky you pulling the strings of my heart ♥
While soaking inside another dome waiting to desert your home
Not caring that we left here alone
All I can do is lay here with little whimpering moans
Still in shock this is how my life has turned
Such a special time supposed to be filled with love n laughter
But only feel you and her embraced and laughing
Trying to pull myself out but it's like quicksand
With every move and notice of your gone I sink back in
Poor babygirl can't defend herself in sll that blue
I'm so sorry I dragged you into this but I really had no clue

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