On bent knees I plead...

Say...something...I'm giving up on you

Eyes closed...the feel of your finger tips

still resonsting in every pore

Tears streaming down my face

I can still feel the "I love you"

that you fearfilly with hold

And I stand...in limbo

In a perpetual state of unknown

Hands shaking

Heart pounding...it seems time has slowed

Pulse racing

Mind going miles a millisecond

Futures passing as I kneel

hanging onto the hems of your silence

clutching to the whisper of possibility with you

This quiet scares me

Tell me!!!

I feel you

I breathe you

I seek you

Even in the midst of your contradicting refusal

Your heart says yes

Your eyes search mine

Though your lips try to lie

And I think,

I suppose,

I guess

that I know you

Ease my mind

Cradle my soul

Erase my doubts

Or solidify my anguish

Because I've cried out my desire for you

Sobbed out your name in unwanted dreams

Carved your name on my heart

Your memory made permanent

But I need to know something


Just say...something


Because I'm giving up on you



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