When Time Dies

When time dies, people still enjoy the misty nights alone

When time dies, people still discover ways to move on.

When time dies, I still see the look in your eyes

Nobody witnessing my death before the attempted suicide.

When time dies, I see love in the face of people

Wanting to need someone, needing to want something, like a screeching eagle

No one cares about the time that passes by, 

People just sit and wait for time to die.

I use to crave attention and prey beyond my means,

But still, when time dies I sat and screamed.

I cried, I shouted, I let it all go

Time died and left me here to appear as though

Appear as if I had no life,

Spirits from above touched me and made me someone's wife.

A mother, a friend, a sister, a kin,

When time dies, I believe I'll live it again.

Maybe another time zone and as a different soul,

Time died and left me with a heart pure like gold. 

Now that time has left and is no longer here, 

I think to myself, would it all just disappear?

Man came unto me and said that should not cry,

Thats when I kissed the lonely nights and tear drops goodbye.

Reminencing about days I drowned in my fears,

God fearing woman, child bearing mother, it wasn't always clear.

Clear to me as to why the skys were blue,

Or why we lived to die, and die to live; Oh how seemingly true

True for us to depart one day along the seaside,

Thinking of life after the maddnes, is when time died.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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