Every second, minute, and hour of time wasted

Over countless thoughts, my mind has chased it

Mind steady

Heart ready

The weight of this love is too heavy

Cracked and weathered are the soles of my feet

Bones breaking with the woes of defeat

My soul it weeps, it doesn't want to compete

With the others; what we have I thought was complete.

You can't even face me

But you erase me

With the sound of her voice

Not even given a glance

Or second chance

To advance

To higher ground

I just want to be found

In your eyes

Don't give me lies

To make me feel better

That upsets her

But do you know that it kills me too?

Are you ready to lose all we've been thorugh?

Blood sweat and tears

Full of regret and reveires

Of what use to be

Now I see

I need to acknowledge the lead

That has been given to me

Time goes by and I fall apart by the seams

Our memories and dreams

Disappear and lean

Over the edge of despair

Thoughts and body impaired

Wanting it all to end

When will I just win

For a change



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