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A Debate About The Debates   Thomas Friedman has an interesting idea Something Biden will have to sell to the media Trump will undoubtedly resist But Biden should insist
They say they want to open up the economy. We're told this got everything to do with a virus and nothing to do with astronomy. The coronavirus is killing blacks and people of color in a disproportionate way.
They say,  they work so hard for me. They say.  They say it’s about democracy.  They say.  They say I must accept. They say. Accept their values, their vision , their words, They say.
The building filled with people who all look alike Crowded and crammed cheering the loudest they could Watching it makes me question why I am here
It’s different than a period Dripping down your thigh - That’s from me: that’s mine. Not the boy at the party who Let you feel safe -
A lot of people are telling me “You’re overreacting.” The same people who whined that the media was redacting When their candidate called women pigs on live TV,  
I’m angry. I’m angry at the world right now. Where is my place in the world? Who am I? As a woman, what walls are going to be put up around me that I am going to have to bulldoze down? I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the world right now.
We’ve stated concerns about the fears of violence in our halls, then waited silently as we burn. For some reason dress codes are stricter than our gun laws,
His shaky smile comes off fully half-sure, face colored sour milk, taken in right light height dwarfed by stately courtroom grandeur
This is America where we banned Kinder Eggs, because they were a danger to children but we refuse to ban AR-15s.   This is America  where the muslim who bravely wears her hijab out in public,
Quinceañera   Dear Mr. President,   Have you ever been to a quinceañera, A right of passage, an entrance to the world,
I don't know what to think of you. I used to hate you. Then I relied on you. Now- I need you.The thing is you made us need you.
Several suffer from the same persecutions. Rough, rampaging  Oceans may seperate the victims in space, but in savage Cruelty they are united. We are denied the rights given to us 
Thank you, sir, for your service. You changed the world for so many. You help to give us the right to deciede. You made love obtainable for so many again. The red, white, and blue
Dear Mr. President:  
The Collapse of The Great Eagle By A.R.T   Do you remember when we were a democracy, Before the rise of the Autocracy. When we were quite carefree,
Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. But is America really that great? With its poverty stricken communities. What happened to the unity of one nation under God? Greed runs through the
We have broken down each other so much that no one can stand on their own two feet without falling down into despair and hope to never comeback up.  
pledge page 368 of the dictionary defined as a commitment, a promise a vow to never be broken   pledge recited daily by adolescents acting
There was a commie named Sanders Claus. Most youths adore him with an applause. He gives citizens free stuff, But critics call on his bluff. One day, he pinched himself with his claws.
Electrical boxes blasting our eyes, Sending images of fear and conflict, Talking like a serpent, which is unwise, Illustrating a dove as a convict.   Every time, the deception keeps going,
Controversial talks aren’t always what they seem Getting to talk about Donald Trump? Oh, what a joy! What a dream.   But somehow I’ve began to wonder, I’ve seen the tables turn,
I feel emboldened My partisan senryu Bye O'No, hi Pomp
  For I stand alone...   I pledge Allegiance to the flag  This country was so beautiful and proud
Humpty Dumpty didn't sit on a wall The King couldn't build with only one call Humpty Dumpty the governor of the garden state Will only end up having one big terrible fate Humpty Dumpty tried with his might
Many Months Ago America Elected a President His Skin is Orange His Hair is Fur like a Dog Your Tie is long
How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when America has never been great   How do we stand for the Republic when the fourteen points of fascism have become a checklist   How are we under God
If I cross my legs hard enough, will they not peek inwards? They say the president has crept between the locked doors of many different girls chambers. If I hold my breath long enough,
America the Lost When people say “America the Great” They are almost unwaveringly supporting An America of Hate.
The land of the free Yet corruption runs rampant Trump is president  
Land of the free And home of the brave That’s what they’d say. Yes, That’s what they say.     But then like a plague
The United States of America To some a haven of privilege And others a hell of prejudice There’s a system in place A list stating
They say this is the land of the free, but how can that be when the police are shooting black people like me.
America, the land of the free and the home of the brave,Where no one ever had to be afraid.America, the treasure trove of opportunity and equality,Where everyone could turn their dreams into reality!
I don't think the sun will shine for 4 more years  Suspended in an overwhelming gloom The earth will spin madly on America will spin madly on We must spin madly on We must keep going.  
The Forsaken American Dream Stars and stripes shine so brightly in the night Red and blue lights, ready for a fight Stolen Ancestors in chains, chains In the land of the free
Mr. Reagan, you've slaughtered a generation, one of pure Imagination , and disseminated false information.   Because of that they were not bothered. Darling souls left un-mothered,
  ************A Ryan E Mot-Hag Poem********************************* *Inverted Ambiguïté (Rouge, Hyacinthum, et Blanc) di America*  See there?  
Americans are the conquerors The strongest, best best The veritable Romans of the Modern Age. We own the seas The land The stars, even
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Amerikkka- That’s spelled with three K’s.   I pledge allegiance to the flag that hides lynchings and crusades behind “God hates fags”
Red white and blue Land of the free Land of the brave Land of prejudice and violence   We love our country We discriminate against our people
Political World. - Hysterical Man Skeptical Woman Running against each other  All for an Opinion  The president 
Absolutely the worst thingseriously it gets no worse, is to visit Facebook News & then get 
He's all smirking with hissecrets that he knows &we don't but he's goingto bless us with theirpresence as if the shithe's all Wikileakingwasn't already guessed at & yes, thanks Assange
Just seeing that dumb red hatgives me the Heebeejeebees,the Holy Camoleys,I get the Willies,the John B. Scrotes,I feel Ben Carsoned,  
Somebody else's babiesgrew up in this green & pleasant land to go on tofight & die in the American War in Vietnam, & the twounforgivable invasions of Iraq,  
ha! yes!sure as heck I'm not exactlyjumping for joy in these enddays of dying planetary life,threatened existences, starvinghomeless 5 year old Mustafa's,engaged Supremacists, murdered
So good with the ethics,the caring, considerate, oh so compassionate Christian way of getting things done ...  
Well ...that's it then,we're officially done,game about over ...  
Meals on Wheels feeds needyold folks & house-bounds,its not some sort of luxury blue-aproncelebrity-chef at your door in minutescreme-de-brule & lobster fricasee,  
The Dalai Lama may not approvewith my pinching the Pure Diamondphrase which is of course usuallyin reference to some Buddhist momentof utter clarity & profound insight,  
  Trump sure knows how toshare the sacrifices,spread that butter a little thin on his own toast,as say ...when he weekends at Mar-a-Lago,  
Young Donald got some play-time yesterday whensome big grown menstopped by & let himsit in the drivers seatof their big, big truck,& he even got to tootthe big, big horn,  
Tomi Lahren
  I'd like them alleach & every onedown to the lastsmug,self-satisfied,smart,oh-so-smartdeniers,  
Would you rather the majestic pure white polar bear had a homein this world or that Paul Ryan took a slow, slow boat to China & then turned around & came back, & then again, & again?  
Come back Barack ...   oh my how we miss you so,   I know you weren't perfect in that Commander in Chiefbombing innocent folks overseas sort of way,  
Donald found it quite the final & totally
The pure core of The Donald,that is when he's stripped downto his essential essence much likethe very last doll in the Russian dollset-up where one reveals another is colored green & has pictures of
The pauper can value the coin, And the starving can value the feast, But the uneducated have no way to value the written word.
“Don’t let anyone tell you America’s not great.”   I tried, Dad.   I wanted to bleed red white and blue   Like you.  
Although we are seen as grand, Our politics are full of remorse Nothing we do ever goes through Each individual runs his own course.   Now could you imagine a place,
A country of immigrants’ children Living on a graveyard of natives   All men are created equal Forget that if you’re not a man
BLACK with no Regret    I'm Black With No Regret And maybe my shoulders scream it too Or maybe it's in our stride And strong voice and afros   I'm Black With Some Regret
With cold and calculated heart and mind; A man who lacked remorse for other men, Twisted the sights of those walking behind, To turn them to a life of sheep and hens.
You look at me My liberty You smile, laugh, point What was once a democracy Is now an atrocity Totalitarian in nature But your fascist roots They run deep I see them
"Never again" History's a cruel mystery But how clever a pen Cinema's sentiment's more cinnamon-sweet We're amateur janitors just been sent in to sweep Epilogue for a demagogue when we set him asleep
Freedom The power to act without restraint Freedom The state of not being enslaved Freedom The power to choose the religion we align with Freedom The power to choose what to say when we want to
America the Brave risked everything for the future. America the Strong fought endlessly for our rights. America the Proud flew the flag for all people to see.
When the sun sets on this blessed day When the dark comes to take the light away When the song is sung and the singing stops
This country is a mess. Promises of freedom for the few by oppression of the many taking hold of us, with anger and a sense of injustice
I can't wrap my head around the phrase "make America great again" Our history is drenched with blood  Human beings were viewed as beasts Women are still not equals And I only just got my right to marry 
We are of hypocrites made, Our too familiar tales of  huddled masses and nations fled for  futures bright across the Atlantic's broad blue wings in hopes that stabilitiy might soon ignite
America is burning. It’s slow. Slow like when you ask, “Sir, I’m real sorry, But could you please put out your Cigarette?” You know that moment I’m talking about.
Dear White people,Your Cheeto man is in office;How does it feel?Isn’t it great?I mean, like oh my god!This country is yours;Congrats!  
Bubbles are dangerous- now, let me explain. Not the nostalgic solution, Innocence and iridescence Cherished in childhood Loved by young and old alike.   No- these bubbles divide Leaving behind
People were buzzing Did you hear, did you hear what he said   They were tweeting  about the ridiculous lies    He'll build a wall  they said, they said   He'll save us 
News on Channel Five Spectacled brunettes opine From seven to eight   Flipping sprayed-stiff hair Experts with intelligence And low-cut blouses   Inequality
Support the conservative’s burden. We should never liberate All those who seek equality, But instead we should discriminate. This diversity we won’t withstand In our abundance of people,
Avast there, fellow! See you not, and hear you not, the burnt sienna siren, Beckoning from beyond the mast?   Nay, for over the scream of soaring seas
It all started with a blur Who am I and what do I want? Nothing makes sense, that’s for sure
"The new President of the United States of America is Donald Trump", hearing those words broke my heart.. Hearing you won really hurt my heart, I couldn't even believe it. Couldn't even fall asleep that night, just couldn't....
My Responsibility to America is to abide by her laws. My Responsibility to America is to take care of her elders. My Responsibility to America is to choose her leaders.
I often greet the day with a scowl It's not as if I would smile after 4 hours of sleep, knowing that still, my work isn't finished.   I've gotta get up To get an education and to do well in school
I wonder how long we hold feud To what is red and what is blue Yet our eight legged branch can't walk On a single file ant line to the booth For the new insect order say to be behind the head
Dear America A letter to the country of the United States of America. What are you doing?   Dear Black America,
  Donald Trump won the Republican nomination What is wrong with this generation? This is trouble for our future nation  
You against me, And myself against you. In another life it wouldn’t be so. In this life it isn’t so, But there are those who say otherwise. Their voice drowns out reason, Logic doesn’t play in their favor.
poverty, hunger, crime, abortion, overpopulation these are just a few things wrong with our nation the big headed egoes we see on tv are too busy butting heads to solve anything  
The world is just a mirror of the soul Growing from roots, but barely bold For the life we live, for time that's sold For what we seek, for price and gold What is different between you and I?
Looked on the TV saw trumps tupee. That man has a lot of words to say today. I wonder if he would still like my vote though, i'm gay? Righhht... That's enough FOX  for this stud 
Two begin, one no greater than the other Life begins, and one man is called a brother   No longer like kin, the other joins a fraternity Enforcing the ladder of social hierarchy  
They argue. They bicker. Inside we snicker. To hear them spout what is best for our country when they don't even understand it. They have their money.  They have their fame.
I had a dream I walked the earth                   
Elephant and Donkey each gearing up The day starts new the sun shines the elephant smiles  The Donkey watches the people smile  The Donkey rejoices with tears of zealous vigor A new day begins, the sun fades 
America look at you.
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