Make America Hate Again

I can't wrap my head around the phrase "make America great again"

Our history is drenched with blood 

Human beings were viewed as beasts

Women are still not equals

And I only just got my right to marry 

So tell me what exactly made America so great

Because I can't seem to find it


Hate is the foundation America was built on

It twists the mind 

It ruins lives

I refuse to let Trump's hate

Ruin the minds of children


I want kids to look up to all the people who are fighting for our rights

I want them to see Trump and his followers for who they are

I will join the fight 

I hope kids will look at all the protesters

And admire our courage 

Because that is what keeps me going


Our basic human rights should never be jeopardized 

but since they are

I will fight with everyone else

For not only my rights

But for the rights of the future generations



This poem is about: 
My country


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