A Cardinal Rebellion

The building filled with people who all look alike

Crowded and crammed cheering the loudest they could

Watching it makes me question why I am here

The current climate in our nation is not good


He makes statements like an authoritarian ruler

The man only cares about winning

How could he possibly get elected?

Leaving the establishment Republicans heads spinning


Pulling and shifting us away from heritage

He was born here, but he doesn't represent us

There’s no “draining the swamp” happening in D.C.

Voted in to spark change but he’s just a deafening fuss


My fellow citizens wanted a businessman

On a day that most won’t ignore

He became an occupant of the oval office

Based on his words, I detect four more


The Democratic nominee criticized at every turn

I question If it was solely because of her last name

Perhaps it’s time to do away with the electoral college

The third time wasn’t the charm left her legacy in shame


Misogyny has run rampant through this country

But that’s not why she lost the presidency

He spoke to people anxieties and fears

Politics changed rapidly, and now he sleeps in the residency


He’s been clever in his actions thus far

Not violating the countries law but an abandonment of the norms

Did he conspire with Russia in our election process?

It looks like the public may never know, he’s got other political storms.


Both parties swinging to each extreme

Am I “traitor” for calling out my parties nominee?

I disagree with the direction of our partisan politics

America is exceptional, but our leader makes people flee


Our political system is fractured

We shouldn’t be divided into teams

Not just red and blue but collaboration

Nowadays bipartisanship is only in people's dreams


The party system continues to fail us

When will Americans step up and comprehend

We are not going to have a country soon

No thoughtful exchange of ideas and nobody's friends


Lying and twisting habitually at his own risk

Why does he have to act like this?

Wharton and Fordham didn’t teach him decent values

When his supporters are questioned they dismiss


His use of executive power is of misuse

The government is full of greed and corruption

The President is a symptom, not the issue

Unelected aristocrats saw him as a disruption


What can we do to fix the problems?

Too many are content, and there is no progress

We are asleep as a nation and can’t wake up

Isn’t it laughable our legislative chamber is called Congress?


America once seen as a beacon of hope for the world

However, there’s constant rebellion in the streets

I never thought the country would be like a dystopian movie

We don’t praise the right jobs; instead, people keep overpaying athletes


I can’t help but realize there’s a shrinking middle class

Are tax cuts for the one-percent a solution?

Our politicians are in it for themselves

All the rhetoric espoused renders many into delusion


We are in continuous war scenarios

The government seldom does what’s right

It looks like we are false-flag away from revolution

Without following the constitution, it takes away all the citizens might


This poem is about: 
My country


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