Meals on Wheels or good god where are we?

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 13:34 -- skybird

Meals on Wheels feeds needy
old folks & house-bounds,
its not some sort of luxury blue-apron
celebrity-chef at your door in minutes
creme-de-brule & lobster fricasee,


its basic nutritious food that many needy
folks depend on to help them get through
each day,


but Trump & his Republicans have decided this
is, what, a luxury that promotes dependency, 
an unnecessary largesse on the part of a near
socialist dictatorship,


that bringing food to the needy is just way, way
too beyond the financial abilities of the mighty
U.S of A,


but of course there's a billion dollar wall to be built
to hold back brown people,
there's more tanks, bigger ships, fancier airplanes,
oh & what ... Mar-A-Lago golf trips to pay for,


& security for every Trump spawn out there
rock & rollin' their way around the world making
money & then just a makin' more money,


& once more I say unto you,
the fact this man feels the need to shit
in a golden crapper fills me with such a 
sincere & deep loathing that at times I can
barely sleep.


Feed the Needy!


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My country


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