A Debate About A Debate

A Debate About The Debates


Thomas Friedman has an interesting idea

Something Biden will have to sell to the media

Trump will undoubtedly resist

But Biden should insist

It concerns the debates for the approaching election

He must steer the debate in the right direction 

Because Trump will lie and go on the offense

If Biden’s not careful he’ll be playing defense

And, this could last all night long

So his debate team has to stand strong

Trump will lie, make things up, and cheat

Anything to win back his presidential seat

He’ll call Biden names

Play his usual games

His plan will be to attack, attack, attack

Because he is a lying, cheating, political hack

So, Sleepy Joe Biden, as Trump calls him

Must reveal Trump’s lies if he wants to win

He should insist on a Fact-Finding Team

To keep the debate clean

Report the facts, reveal the lies

To the viewers eyes

Immediately after the show

So the public will know

And, if the Trump team should resist

Which they will, cause they’ll be pissed

Refuse to debate, Biden’s ahead in the polls

Make the truth one of his campaign goals

The second condition that Biden should set

One that, for obvious reasons may be hard to get

Is income taxes, Trump needs to come clean

It’s information he should willingly glean

Biden has listed his income so the public sees

A million and a half, mostly from speaking fees

Now, it’s Trump’s turn to do what’s right

No better time to discuss taxes than debate night?

See if he’s as wealthy as he claims to be

Or if he’s going to take another knee

A refusal would definitely raise a concern

Or is Trump worried about what his taxes confirm?

“Refuse to debate,” Friedman suggested

The public deserves to know what’s requested

Set these two conditions and if Trump doesn’t approve

Cancel, and wait for him to make the next move 

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