Donald is Moved

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 01:43 -- skybird

Donald found it quite the final & totally

last straw that little children were being
gassed & slaughtered horribly in Syria
& so sent over some missiles at $1 million
a pop but before doing so let the Russkies
& Assad know they were coming & even
then deliberately managed to avoid actually
hitting the runways which if you were not 
aware are actually a vital component of a
runway & so today said airport is back in


so Donald was so deeply moved by dying
children that he put aside his refugee ban
& his muslim ban & his overseas aid cuts
& his previous dismissal of Obama's attempts
to act & sent off a few missiles but first let
the bad guys know they were coming.
Donald is moved,


oh yes indeed
so moved.


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Our world


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