Dear White People...

Dear White people,
Your Cheeto man is in office;
How does it feel?
Isn’t it great?
I mean, like oh my god!
This country is yours;


…if what I just said excites you,
Then that means you support:
Should I go on?


Look, it’s a very simple concept:
America. Is. Not. Yours.
It’s everyone’s.
From the natives whose land was stolen,
The slaves who supported the economy,
The women who supported the war,
The Hispanics who dedicatedly work each day,
The Asians whose businesses bring jobs
To the immigrant children who assimilate.
Oh, and yes
Middle Easterns were included in that,
Go look at a map.


So yes America is OURS,
Not yours,
But we’ll move on from that for now,
There’s more in store.


The annoying orange is not a leader
Just a baby with too much power
He’s denied women rights
Banned many people from entering the country
Demanded a wall that we’re probably paying for
And it’s only been 14 days


Listen white people,
No one is trying to deny your rights and take away your security
But you need to understand that not saying anything
Takes away ours.


Drumpf is in
But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything


Change is possible
We ARE the people
United, things can get done
But you have to accept
That this man’s actions are wrong
We will go far back if things continue


History repeats itself without change
And I’m looking at camps, chains
War, pain
Just to name a few things


It’s time we rewrite the contract
Between government and people
We’re the ones in charge
And it’s time we do something so…


Dear White people,
Things are changing
And quickly too.
We the people matter
And united we shall stand.
How about joining us?


The United People of these UNITED States

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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