This is America

This is America

where we banned Kinder Eggs, because they were a danger to children

but we refuse to ban AR-15s.


This is America 

where the muslim who bravely wears her hijab out in public,

is looked at as a terrorist,

but the man who carries his gun into his church

is a patriot.


This is America

when you doubt democracy

they will list your freedoms.

Shouting your amendments 

and according to them we have every freedom

except the right to disagree.


This is America 

where people feel more offended 

by the two men kissing on the sidewalk

than the man masterbating on the subway.


This is America

where the only time a woman is listened to

is if she has a nice rack.


This is America

where things have gotten so horrible 

that you can no longer be silent 

but it's impossible to speak when they keep
ripping out your vocal cords


This is America

where the neigborhood bookstore is closing

to make room for an Apple store.


This is America 

we used to fall asleep looking at our lover's face

now we fall asleep to the blaring television.


This is America

where the only thing we come together for is a wrestling match.


This is America

where obesity numbers are skyrocketing 

because you're weird if you are vegan

but no one questions the thirteen McDonalds I passed.


This is America

where we find the money to bomb the Middle East,

but we don't have enough to heal our crumbling planet.


This is America 

we kidnapped African slaves and shipped them here,

but we scream at their great grandchildren



This is America

where teenagers are 

"Too young to understand politics"

but not too young to own a semi-automatic weapon


This is America

where we won't shed a tear 

about the war in Syria

but we become outraged about the "war on Christmas"

because the cups at Starbucks say

Happy Holidays!



This poem is about: 
My country


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