Rich People Have All The Luck ..

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 02:06 -- skybird


The rich get it good
oh yes they do ...
they don't send their
boys to die in foreign
wars that are usually
being fought in response 
to some pressing $ value 
for them & their friends
despite all the lies & 
justifications coming 
your way,


& they own the tv folks
that you & your buddies
absorb & who tell you of 
a world that they wish 
you to see & by design
also teaches of how others
are coming for you & you
are best off by voting
for another very rich man
who obviously can best
represent your interests
... quite obviously,


& having fooled you into
believing basic compassion
is communist in nature & 
that really its every man
for himself in this vicious
world & that coal is good,
& climate change is cooked
up by the biased intelligentsia,
they can continue their base
pursuits & just keep on raking
it in,


& continually stressing that
anyone from this shining city
on a hill can make it big-time 
like Riche Rich ignoring of course
basic facts such as class & race
or where you were born & into
which family of what colored
skin they have again succeeded
in their narrative of oh good 
god how wonderful are we!
& lets just a keep on with the
way it is cos there's no alternative 
really & any its close to Maoism,


& whilst all this is going on
they manage quite stealthily 
in a way but perhaps also in 
that great American tradition 
of the sly feelgood huckster
they get you all seeing Jesus
through a salesman's eyes
as if Christianity was negotiable
in trade-offs & reservations &
justifications for bigotry, bias,
profit & shallow mercantile just
plain someone else making
a buck of you all,


& rich people get the best of 
everything don't they really,
schools, hospitals, retirement
plans, all of which they fool you 
into voting to cut, cut, cut, 
which leaves you poorer folks
worse off & those rich folks 
with just more gold coins to add 
to their piles in off-shore accounts,
fancy real estate, & investment 


its all pretty simple really,
they pretty much own
your ass & you keep
on a handing it
to them
don't you.


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