Julian Assange Pisses Me Off ...

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 15:04 -- skybird

He's all smirking with his
secrets that he knows &
we don't but he's going
to bless us with their
presence as if the shit
he's all Wikileaking
wasn't already guessed 
at & yes, thanks Assange
for helping elect Trump
you Libetarian-crypto-fascist


with your all-knowing so-called
Liberal airs that have just
helped make the world
worse in actual objective 


well the CIA watch us all! 
heck thats news to me,
not as if I didn't know
that as a 14 year old
in England 46 years ago,


& so when you sit in your
comfy chair in your 
Embassy exile please 
remember that I cannot
for the life of me fathom
how helping elect Trump
is in any way a good thing,


to hell with you Julian Assange,
you pompous self-important



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