War on Science

Americans are the conquerors

The strongest, best best

The veritable Romans of the Modern Age.

We own the seas

The land

The stars, even

Because of all the things we are the best at

From rocket building to selfies

At war, we are the best


So throw down your pencils

Take up your arms

Grab the machine guns, the computer-guided missiles, and bomb-slinging drones

Funnel taxpayer dollars to our worthy cause

Don’t worry about schools

Don’t worry about science

Don’t think about the experiments that went unfunded

Or the satellites never launched

Don’t think about the telescopes

Just sitting, gathering dust.

Don’t think about the pollution

Don’t think about the oceans

Left undiscovered

Don’t worry about the beakers, petri dishes, and funnels

Let unused after the last big breakthrough

Who needs all this, really

When you can just fight the good fight?


Don’t like this you say?

Well that’s too bad.

No one really cares about science?

Are you sure?

Don’t you remember the Space Race?

And beating the commies to the moon?

The creation of NASA

And the power f the atomic bomb

There now, don’t you see?

We own everything.


This poem is about: 
My country


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