Life Unexpectancies

Life Unexpectancies is like getting cursed out by a homeless dealin' with Self-

Inflictions, Drug Convictions, an Acute Depiction of what life used to look like as

a Soldier Man.

With a wife on his right shoulder and a kid in his hand. 

People walk by him with their heads down, no more looking at attention WoW!

The respect has gone from Mmmhm to 0- He then questions them saying:

                            "You know I used to carry a gun?"

Ya-                              RED WHITE & BLUE

You better Mother-F***** SALUTE!

I would never walk away from a clear eye view but lately I've been sippin'n rum

on the streets of NY corners.

Reminiscin' about my daughter... wife.. an how ya'll give me hope duting the night. 

                                             HOPE CLARISSA DEAN 

My Angel. My Dream. I'll come back home to you in one piece

Once I put these Demons on lock and key.  

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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