Dear America

Dear America

A letter to the country of the United States of America. What are you doing?


Dear Black America,

You continue to live with racism, discrimination, and oppression that should have ended years ago.

Murders of your own people, by your own people.

Murders of your own people, by the people you should be able to trust.

Shootings of unarmed people.

Children being killed for playing with toy guns.

Women being dragged out of vehicles and beaten for asking questions.

It is unfair, unnecessary, and unreasonable.

However Black America,

You continue to live below the poverty line.

Only a few of your people making it big.

You continue to blame everyone else when there are ways to move forward.

You voted for the current President, but complain when he doesn’t give you handouts.

You get government money, but you spend it on shoes and game consoles.

You own twenty pairs of Jordans®, but claim you can’t afford school trips or dinner.

To you Black America, make your America powerful.

Continue to act without violence, continue to maintain composure.

Because Black America, you are an influence to everyone.


Dear Spanish/Mexican America,

You are fighting to stop being looked down upon.

You are hard-working and take the jobs no one else takes, and yet you are criticized as a whole for stealing jobs.

Although many of you may or may not be illegal, your entire race is looked upon as if you are.

You are pushed into separate communities, apart from the rest of the country.

However Spanish/Mexican America,

It is up to you to push forward and move forward.

Encourage your peers to become legal.

Encourage yourselves to remain positive and calm.

Because Spanish/Mexican America, you are an influence to more people you know.


Dear Middle Eastern America,

You are not all Muslim.

You are not all from the same place.

You are not all terrorists.

Right now you are going through discrimination on a mass scale.

Because you wear a hijab people avoid you in public.

Because your skin in brown people view you as bad.

You are not bad, evil, or dangerous.

Have sympathy for the people who accuse you wrongly.

It will not last forever.

Due to the few who terrorize this country you are being treated like a danger to the country.

Like the Japanese in the second world war who were herded into internment camps.

This treatment is unfair and it is a product of fear.

However Middle Eastern America,

Be patient and calm.

Do not forget that this is a product of fear.

Stand up and speak out for who you truly are and don’t be afraid to point out those who are creating the terror.

Continue to smile for those who see you as you truly are.

Citizens of this country.


Dear White America,

There is now blooming public hatred against you by every other race.

Due to people of your race acting on ignorance.

You are going through a time of anger and passion.

Your representation to the world are ignorant people who you yourselves despise.

However White America,

Do not ever forget where you are.

Encourage your peers to be more tolerant.

To be more accepting.

Do not allow yourselves to sink back into old ways which result as you being viewed as intolerant.


Dear Christian America,

You face ridicule on a daily basis.

You struggle to share your faith with others and struggle to live in the country.

Your extremist brothers give God a bad name.

They are what is portrayed in media.

However Christian America,

Remember that it is God’s place to pass Judgment.

You are to hate the sin, NOT the sinner.

You are to be the picture of God’s love.

By forcing your faith unto people you turn them away.

People view Christianity as pushy and mean.

As hateful and intolerant.

As unfair and exclusive.

As Christian America you must put the REAL word of God into media.

Not taken out of context.

Not using it to tear people down.

But to bring people up.


Dear Education System,

You are underfunded, underappreciated, and abused.

You have the pressure of leading the future of America on your shoulders.

However, Education System,

Students are exiting high school ill prepared for the world.

Students are unable to do taxes and do basic emergency maintenance on a car.

You claim you teach these things, but when do you teach them?

Freshman year of high school where what they learned in that two weeks of class they won’t use again for another three years?

By sending out these students into the world you are failing as the person who trained them.

You can say that the parents should teach them, but what about those who don’t have the privilege.

These students go to college to prepare for a career.

They graduate with the degree that’s useless nowadays.

Jobs want experience, why doesn’t college offer experience.

Even secretarial jobs ask for one to three years experience in that position.

A job is a trade, but you graduate sitting in classes for four years and can’t get a job.

Nor knowing what to do.

Spending more than $100,000.00 in total for school and you can’t afford to pay it back because you can’t get a job.

The future citizens of America are ill prepared and what are you going to do about it?

How are you going to fix this Education System?


Dear American Government,

What in the world is going on?

Other countries are offering to accept all immigrants from America.

Teenagers are so involved in this presidential race that there are memes and gifs created daily for the candidates.

Your own police force isn’t trusted by the people.

You claim that no one is above the law, but one of the candidates for president put the country’s national security at risk.

You claim that the candidate was not aware of the laws, you claim that the candidate did no real wrong.

But you condemn and prosecute others who do the same thing.

The United States used to be a world power, but now it is reliant on the world to be powerful.

The future of the United States rests on congressmen who haven’t experienced the country as citizens in years.

Who are stuck on what will make their pockets fuller instead of what will make the country better.

The future of the United States rests on presidential candidates who are not liked by the country.

One is a liar and risk to the people’s safety in the United States and whose ideas and plans sound pretty, but is not honest about how much it will really cost and that the people do not make enough to pay the taxes that will come from it.

One who is so extreme that his own “supporters” are withdrawing their support and is claiming to repeat the mistakes of the past presidents.

One who taking advantage of teenagers’ urgent call for free post-secondary education and is not telling them that even with that free college they won’t be able to pay for “free college”.

The future of this country is terrifying the people who have to live with this future, teenagers.

Those teenagers who you claim do not understand politics are debating presidents, congressmen, and laws.

Those teenagers are doing research to find out the truth.

However American Government,

Some of you are genuinely trying to make this country better.

Your citizens do not trust you though.

Your citizens do not proudly talk about their government.

That is wrong.


Dear United States of America,

When did you as a nation decide to give up and stop caring?

When did you become okay with letting one person make all the decisions pertaining to your personal lives?

Where did the proud and great country go?

Where is the United States of America?

Because this sure isn’t it.


                        With all love and blessings,

                                                                                                    A Concerned Seventeen-Year-Old



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