Big Headed Egoes

poverty, hunger, crime, abortion, overpopulation

these are just a few things wrong with our nation

the big headed egoes we see on tv

are too busy butting heads to solve anything


Poverty is a thing that threatens most if not all

this is the reason we don't stand as tall

how will you help the ones that sleep on the streets

how will you solve this cricise we see


Hunger is the thing that drives these egos

the graving of power over us all

What about those people who are dieing

the Fathers and mothers who have a hard time provideing?


The crime rate has gone up haven't you notice?

Oh no your too busy fighting eachother to focus

People are getting murdered and kidnapped, people stealing nicknacks and clothes

you're standing there fighting like 2 year olds


Aborotion has become greater for the ones that are not ready

But how could you know becuase you are steady

Some people can't support another life on their own

How can you help us the ones who stand alone?


These egoes bash one another like bullies on a playground

who steal peoples lunch money and drag people down

What a great example for us young foke down here

we watch and listen to everything that you even whispher


These egoes barely talk about the nation

too busy bashing in one another's faces

Why can't you see we're not voteing for the one who is the worst or the mean

we just don't want to see the future that we predict will be


Stop the bickering and the fighting

you're acting like children that just can't stop whining. 

hey you egoes need to step down

and show us how you plan to help us now 






This poem is about: 
My country


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