Venus Mournfully Holds the Martyrs of Conservative America

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 00:53 -- spoony

Mr. Reagan, you've slaughtered a generation,

one of pure Imagination

, and disseminated false information.


Because of that they were not bothered.

Darling souls left un-mothered,

All of whom you purposely smothered.


Their souls set the discotheques ablaze,

both in fear and trepidation they left in a daze.

Horrified and aware of Venus' mournful gaze.


Through Washington's fog

I see Pence, that foul dog

, reach into a conservative bog.


From which an artifice of Evil pools.

desperate, it drools

and dazzles half a nation of hooded fools.


This foul artifice

feigns being nice,

All who vote roll its dice.


It masquerades as a man

, but underneath it is an awful fan

, of that vile Reagan.


Reagan, your foul sycophant

rides a possessed and rotting elephant

In hopes to squash, we the people, an ant.


This country will not be okay

unless we stop those who obey

men who only see in Technicolor gray.


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My community
My country
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