America the Lost

America the Lost

When people say “America the Great”

They are almost unwaveringly supporting

An America of Hate.

They say our country is the greatest in the world

But blissfully ignore

The insults and abuses being hurled

And the injustices and violence in an undeclared war.

America is no longer great.

If it ever was, it’s lost its way.

Black people being killed in the street.

Trans, gay, and queer people being beat.

Native Americans being screwed over once again

By people who think themselves greater than.

Jews seeing swastikas more than they should

And hatred where compassion once stood.

Muslims are being blamed

While their belief system is maimed

By those who use it as an excuse for violence,

All while white people are doing the same

And their actions being met with silence.

This is a place hailed as the promised land of the civilized world

But do people realize that these things are happening?

How can we be onboard

With these atrocities, the dampening

Of relations between the majority

And the minority.

A divide already caustic in nature

Is our nation’s ugliest feature.

If America ever wants to be Great Again

We need to stand up

Shake off our prejudices and end

The horror stories before they begin.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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