11/9/2016 (Election Day)

I don't think the sun will shine
for 4 more years 
Suspended in an overwhelming gloom The earth will spin madly on
America will spin madly on
We must spin madly on
We must keep going.
Today hate was allowed to win
Tomorrow hate will have the ear of a nation.
Today I sit and wait for the collison.

It's like staring at an impeding car crash you know it is going to happen and
yet you can't look away.
And you can't do anything about it

We must accept this.
We must keep going.
Because we are America.
A nation built on fighting.
A people built to survive.

Every lost soul.
Every broken heart.
Every bloody body.
Every lost life.
This makes up the patchwork of America.

This quilt will always be worn
This quilt will always be bloody,
But it will endure.
We will endure.

This poem is about: 
My country


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