The Last Few Years

Thank you, sir,

for your service.

You changed the world for so many.

You help to give us the right to deciede.

You made love obtainable for so many again.

The red, white, and blue

Waves next to the rainbow of acceptaince. 

Kisses exchanged from all corners of the world.

You fought for so many.

The criticisms would have been hard to take,

I praise you for your fight.

Now we fight again, harder.

The freedoms you've instilled are threatened.


Thank you, sir, 

for your dedication.

The value the evertone should be treated equally.

Promotind inclusiveness rather than seperation.

For you, open arms.

For him, walls.

Borders of hatred.

We will fight forever,

thankful for the right to speak.

We will march together.

Hands of every colot, white knuckled in fear

and hope.

But, Mr. Obama, my president, again

the freedoms you've instilled are threatened. 

We must fight again as 

One nation, under God.

With liberty and justice for


This poem is about: 
My country


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