That Stupid Hat!

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 15:03 -- skybird

Just seeing that dumb red hat
gives me the Heebeejeebees,
the Holy Camoleys,
I get the Willies,
the John B. Scrotes,
I feel Ben Carsoned,


as if I've been Rogered in my sleep
by Quasimodo & then been forced
to pleasure the Seven Dwarfs,
I have the shivers,
I plead repugnance, 
I share the odium,


I experience that near frenzied disgust
as left by a cold slug traversing one's 
naked arm in the dank moonlight,


when that oh so ridiculous red tractor
hat is worn by men who have 
chauffeurs & bejeweled
golf carts,
& look like a fat cat's fantasy
of a fat cat,


to Make America Great Again for that matter
maybe you have to go as far back as Sitting Bull,
Red Cloud, the Shawnee, herds of bison, 
counting coup, & eagle-feather headdresses,


Making America Great Again does not in any
way involve Leroy from the hills feeling better
about his race or Donald J. Trump coming
forth as some sort of Poor Man's Moses.


I hate that stupid hat


This poem is about: 
My country


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