Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump

I feel emboldened

My partisan senryu

Bye O'No, hi Pomp

This poem is about: 
My country



I dont understand your poem like can you explain it to my just call me my phone number is 814-964-9980 please call me 

Doctor Bristle

I cannot call you through phone numbers, but I will explain my poem through this reply. The poem I wrote is in the form of a senryu. Senryu is one of the major forms of Japanese poetry, including haiku. It is a form of short poetry similar to haiku in construction: three lines with seventeen morae (or "on", often translated as syllables). Senryū tends to be about human foibles while haiku tends to be about nature, and senryū are often cynical or darkly humorous while haiku are more serious.


My senryu, which is "Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump," is obviously about two most famous people: Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The main theme of it is politics, particularly presidential politics. It is intended to indicate the seriousness of my feelings about a new president succeeding Obama in the United States. Everyone is different in their reactions toward the last president and the current one, and in terms of policy, I personally do not like Obama, yet I like Trump.


According to the first line, "Feeling emboldened," I was confident in that America would have a president who is not afraid to speak his mind and take care of official White House business, regardless of how people view him. I feel more confidence as I was inspired to do more political activities, including activism and voting.


"Bye O'No, hi Pomp," while a funny line, indicates my bias in favor of Trump. Obama would be viewed as worse than Trump in terms of performance in various aspects of government, including economy policy and foreign policy. A lot can be deciphered from the entire poem to mean anything to different people in the political spectrum. History has yet to make the final call on these two presidents, and every new day is a new page in a book of our past. The word "O'No" signals the tone of negativity, pessimism, or cynicism about Obama's motives for running America. To be fair, there are some good things about his presidency. "hi Pomp" indicates that I may welcome Trump's presidency, but I do not agree with everything he says or does, just like with Obama, except that I disagree more with him than I agree with him. The word "Pomp" refers to pompous, which can describe the current President's impulsive decision-making. He seeks results, which was why he has the drive to do more in his short time as US President. Overall, this poem is funny but opinionated based on the poem's potential bias in favor of Trump.

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