The Conservative’s Burden

Support the conservative’s burden.

We should never liberate

All those who seek equality,

But instead we should discriminate.

This diversity we won’t withstand

In our abundance of people,

So if any proclaim a deviant identity

Send them straight to the steeple.


Support the conservative’s burden

Place your needs in the tomb,

Give up on your quest

For a gender neutral bathroom.

Graduate from your emotions

As we push for conformity.

Accept your assigned gender.

Overcome your mental deformity.


Support the conservative’s burden

To lower the minimum wage.

Ignore the pleas of the poor

Found on the liberal webpage.

Help preserve our liberty

To hound every penny,

And fight Hillary’s agenda

To fulfill the needs of many.


Support the conservative’s burden

To counter the nineteenth’s era,

Where women are allowed to speak up

And completely ignore Hera.

The loyalty they demand

Sings a ridiculous melody.

Must we men really begin

To maintain our fidelity?


Support the conservative’s burden.

Pledge your allegiance

To a flag that represents

The top one percent regents.

To remain silent or seated

Would be an unforgivable sin,

So declare your nation under the God

That everyone believes in.


Support the conservative’s burden.

Protect those who serve

As they serve to protect

All the citizens that deserve

The relative comfort

Of not experiencing the batter

Experienced by the supporters

Of #blacklivesmatter.

This poem is about: 
My country


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