Adios Senor L'Orange.

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 02:04 -- skybird


as the king lost his garments,
as the jester told his story,
as the fool laughed his last,
as the queen foretold her falling,
as the prince he soon departed,
as the honey kept a drippin'
as the teacher taught his tale,
as the children went on dancin'
as the curves curved round again,


when the planets kept revolving,
when the stars kept all outshining,
when the dust it all had settled,
when the pages stopped a turnin'
when the final chapter was all written,
when the mighty shall have fallen,
when the lowly have arisen,
when the truth was all a tellin'
when the mad man joked his fortune,


as the sword it was all swinging,
as the tongues they were a waggin'
as the liar he was all dandy,
as the cheat he lost his angle,
as the page it was all jagged,
as the cover was all crooked,
as the diamond was a shining,
as the Lord he lost his sceptre
as the moon it was all lighting,
as the people strolled on glorious,
as the darkness lost its shadows,
as the robe it had no value,


when the monarch was a pleading
for the judge to tell is jury
that all lies should be forgiven,
when judgement came a callin'.


This poem is about: 
My country


Jan Wienen

Western civilication. So neat and enjoyable ... tears are flowing ... 


Well thanks to you.

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