I need to talk to the president

They say they want to open up the economy. We're told this got everything to do with a virus and nothing to do with astronomy. The coronavirus is killing blacks and people of color in a disproportionate way. Could this be the New world order depopulation control plan in play. What is this radiation that's coming from this network called 5'Gs. And why is the government hiding the installation of these towers as old chimneys and trees. You talking about a cataclysmic event. What will happen when the government tell you that all the money is spent. And all that money in your bank account ain't worth a cent. "Would you cry" "When you die" or "Would you just scream at your TV asking Trump why." How do you really prepare for economic collapse. Do you really think you're have enough bravery. To be in the midst of the people who's willing to fight back. I was told to mentally prepare my mind for new and extraordinary times. This virus is spreading fear. Got me wondering will I still be here next year. See first they take your health. Then they take your wealth. Now the government got the virus that can do it in stealth. Killing minorities in masses with true precision. This ain't got nothing to do with clothes. When I tell you I hope you believe in true religion.😷🙈🙉🙊😷😷💞🌄🙏🤞

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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