They say,  they work so hard for me.

They say. 

They say it’s about democracy. 

They say. 

They say I must accept.

They say.

Accept their values, their vision , their words,

They say.

If not I am labeled, I am cursed, I am wrong,

They say. They say. They say.



I say, I don’t see what you see.

That’s me.

I say I don’t want your democracy.

Not me.

I say your ideas tear down my country and it’s founding cause,

I pause, 

I say Your democracy enslaves us masses, puts government in charge,

I say,

You rewrite my history, to suit your society,

Not me, I say, I will stand firm.

You can rant and demean me, bad names you can call me,

Your sticks and stones may break my bones but

YOUR words will never hurt ME.


You call me a racist.

You call me homophobe.

You call me narrow minded.

You say my God is old. 

I say I don’t force my ideas on you.

I don’t care how you live or what you do.

It wasn’t my country that turned on you.

It’s You that keeps the poor folk down,

It’s You that build the homeless towns.

It’s You that keeps the drugs lords wealthy,

Because of You the inner city is filthy.

So take your intellect, and attitude almighty,

I say you will lose this battle and rightly.

I say, I Say, I SAY.










This poem is about: 
My country



A commentary on our political climate. 

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