Would You Rather? ... Actually, in all seriousness.

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 01:51 -- skybird

Would you rather the majestic pure white polar bear had a home
in this world or that Paul Ryan took a slow, slow boat to China & then 
turned around & came back, & then again, & again?


... the humble Praying Mantis was able to bask in the sunshine
on a leaf of its choosing or that Trump was locked away for 70 years
in a dank & dismal people's cell?


... all the bees, & all the dainty flying creatures could buzz here & there as was their want or that Mitch 'Gruesome' McConnell was marooned
forever on a distant deserted isle?


... the startling life-form that is coral could take its own sweet time covering rocks & outcrops & undersea crags or that Mike Pence quite suddenly & terminally lost his ability to function in any way whatsoever?


... the soon-to-be starved nomadic people, the soon-to-be flooded 
coastal peoples & the soon-to-be parched farmers of India were to be
given direct financial & physical assistance by expropriated & toiling Masters of Industry & sundry media lackeys?


... that the delicate flowers, the tall & mighty trees, the vital green, green grass could just a go on going on, & anyone, anyone at all who ticked that box declaring Climate Change a hoax be pitilessly overseen constructing vital networks of deep, deep canals, oh for the remainder of their natural life?


... Would you rather one less Republican politician or one less soaring
& majestic wind-tumbling vulture?


... Would you rather ...


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My country


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