Pure Diamond Loathing

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 13:32 -- skybird

The Dalai Lama may not approve
with my pinching the Pure Diamond
phrase which is of course usually
in reference to some Buddhist moment
of utter clarity & profound insight,


but thats as close as I can get in reference
to Our Illustrious Leader and his need to sit
on a golden crapper in his opulent & dazzling
suite overlooking Manhattan & oh so high in
the blue, blue sky,


because when I hear of Meals on Wheels cuts
& After School Program loss in West Virginia
& the myriad other ways counters have 
found to save a few bucks at the same time 
as they reduce taxes on the very rich,


the fact that he does sit on a golden crapper 
becomes perhaps a lightning rod for all that 
is wrong with Republican ideology & its talk
of cost effect & proven results in regard to
a simple feeding of a hungry person,


its not rocket science or flying to the moon
its a simple social program that helps older 
folks & small children get through the day


& a government that talks of building a billion
dollar wall, building more planes & warships
led by a man who desires a golden crapper,


just plain fills me with a Pure Diamond Loathing.


This poem is about: 
My country


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