Political World

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 19:41 -- mztayo

Political World. -

Hysterical Man

Skeptical Woman

Running against each other 

All for an Opinion 

The president 

A mixed race man but they just call him black 

Any little thing he does congress pulls it back 

When he doesn't do enough black society attacks. 

He just can't win. 

Never heard of several mass shootings ... in one presidency. 

Ain't that weird? I mean I know less people were killed than Bush's 9/11 scare. 

But Political World .

What are we going to do?

I mean do we really have a government or is it just 3 groups of old men in suits 

Money hungry 

Dirty hands 

Indirectly take the lives of the innocent man 

It's just so confusing ? I really don't get it?

How you kill Kennedy - the president !? 

Nearly blew the dudes head off 

Like what did he do?? Was he that bad of a guy when he took off his suit!

& this crazy theory of George Washington not being the real 1st president of the United States. How do we have so much info about him in our history books ... someone whose been long gone dead. 

Our great great great grandfathers don't even know who he is. 

It's super weird 

Like super pacs 

Trump wants to build a wall ..

Does he REALLY want us to get attacked? 

Society please realize the corrupt world we live in. 

Illuminati started in the govt but to hide their face they point it at the black Artist because of their skin. 

In their eyes ... black skin is equal to black sin. 

& then we got this black man pulling the race card when nobody asked him.. 

We got sensitive people in power , ignorance at its finest hour 

Trying to get jobs through social media

Reading lies on Wikipedia 

& people killing each other over Facebook posts 

How low can we be ? 

I mean I say we 

Because we is you & me

So we represents me

I'm just one person! 

& it's been proven that one person can change the world ...

Over and over again 

But we have nobody standing up, everyone's scared. Can we stop

Think for a second 

Before everyone turns out dead. 

& Money ... money is not evil it's the people with the money with the big egos.

Political world. 

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My country


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