Come Back Barack ...

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 01:45 -- skybird

Come back Barack ...


oh my how we miss 
you so,


I know you weren't perfect 
in that Commander in Chief
bombing innocent folks overseas 
sort of way,


but Sweet Jesus at least
you are not Trump,


you had some natural dignity
as a decent man with his heart
in the right place for most of
the time & you tried, at least
you tried to make things better
for all folks,


& you could shed a tear for the
children & you could take a joke
& you could chuckle with the
best of them & you did have 
good dance moves & your
hair wasn't some sort of
freeze-dried candy floss
sort of thing,


& you didn't re-tweet Fascists,
& didn't scapegoat, & lie, & work
every single angle possible to 
put a few more dollars in your 
bank account,


& you had a keen intelligence for
important things such as the health
of your citizens & the world they live
in & you wouldn't say Islamic terrorism
because you knew it was a dangerous
& short-sighted & in the end truly awful
way to play into the hands of the enemy,


& you kneeled down to talk to kids in
mini-pope mobiles, & you had an honesty
& a calm reasoned approach that even 
if that was too much at times at least
you didn't jump into the fire and wade
in the dark morass of prejudice & ignorance,


& you didn't appoint all your family to
powerful positions so they too could work
that dollar angle & you didn't promise
idiocies to gullible desperate idiots & 
you at least weren't a sexual predator
& a two-bit snake-oil salesman who 
worked a three-card monte with a 
'University' so as to fleece the believers,


& you weren't called Donald Trump & 
you were at least a Democrat & son of
a gun look at us now!


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Our world


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