Apathy and Ignorance Paid for by Paper

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. But is America really that great? With its poverty stricken communities. What happened to the unity of one nation under God? Greed runs through the streets, lacking all humility. Good people need to better the world. But that can’t happen because clarity is being clouded with a new color, as a new plot unfurls.  Green. And as a result, everyone is losing something, especially the youth. Society is telling girls you aren’t beautiful, even if you’re just being truthful about what you believe.It crushes all abnormalities and tries to convert them to conformity by oppressing all bits of creativeness. Wall Street is deadly but not because of violence but because of selfishness, which should be selflessness to a nation in need. Injustices occur every day because the government is falling away from the greatness it once was. And you know what? If our system is so strong and has held up for over two hundred years, why can pieces of paper with the faces of dead people take it down so easily? Why is a “great” system that is without justice, without liberty, and more divisible and divided than races in the 1960s so great? It’s not. All the lobbying that occurs and big corporations that make it rain down green on people are only hurting their country.But they don’t care, do they? Fracking for oil has been causing troubles and polluting the water you and I drink. Then, with the polluted water, people drink it, people get sick, people get hurt, people DIE. But the fat cats are too busy sitting on their (ass) butt to do a damn thing about it. Why is a country who denies people freedom that is supposedly built on freedom so great? America, the “greatest” country in the world is allowing deaths to unfurl right in front of them, and yet they have the audacity to let those bells lacking all liberty and freedom ring. No joyous cheers or celebrations of over two hundred years seem to matter. As long as our red, white, and blue is below those who value green, it’s fine. I have news for everyone and they need to hear the truth. Green is the new Red, White, and Blue. Money is taking the place of courage and honor. But it’s fine- even though a dollar isn’t worth a dollar and it’s less than it once was. Green is the new Red, White, and Blue in today’s society. Through the turmoil and devastation, it’s fine as long as people are getting paid. It’s fine to have youth committing suicides every day, or people dying in a foreign place because of a war that was built on lies. It’s fine to walk down a street where everyone is homeless and hungry. It’s fine to deny freedom to those who have no more than those who live in the street. It’s fine. It’s fine to suppress those who wanted change, to get society back into the range of being good for once. Money is put into projects with very poor prospects, and probable results of failure. The earth is suffering because of those who are buffering the knowledge of the general public and denying that it should be known but it’s fine. The poor are just getting poorer and the rich are just getting richer. The red, white, and blue, apparently when mixed all together is green. It’s a country not only built on the desire to be free, but also by a courageous fight only for it to bite later generations in the butt by the avidity for green.In God we trust- despite the fact that he’s not green… or made of paper, so, why bother?It’s fine to forget my own opinion and become some big corporations minion because of a bribe that’s worth more than my house. It’s fine to lie and possibly destroy the health of future generations. It’s fine to have the stars and stripes “forever” be replaced by faces of the deceased because those seem to be of more value than life itself. It’s fine to have a country not built on bravery, courage, and honor, but paper. The system must be fragile if dead people can raise it up. The system must be faulty if it’s that corrupt. The system IS faulty, fragile, and corrupt. But guess what? It’s fine. It’s fine that Green is the new Red, White, and Blue. It’s fine to have a place built on paper. It’s fine to have all of the paper buildings, and paper people, and paper society be just that. Paper.Green paper. Not white, not black, not orange, not red. It’s fine to have a society built out of green paper.  It’s fine to watch kids suffer day in and day out because without them suffering, who else is? Certainly not my wallet. But it’s fine to have more faith in paper than to have faith in people. It’s fine. Then, what happens when all of the paper falls?It’ll be fine, like everything else, as long as it’s green.  

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