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From the time your in the womb, and hear the sounds around you; before you could walk, talk, or maybe even crawl,  you can guarantee the brainwash has started and will control you before long. Theres nothing you can do about
Words Loaded Like Weapons     Freedom is not found Freedom from the binds of one cast aside whether god or government quickly replaced by the other   Government for your life here
My green lady   Your amber countenance long kissed away by the seas' invisible lips   All the while looking on as your city claimed land hand over fist  
It’s a mans world or is it a mad world, I wonder what would happen if it should all turn to ashes from fires of notes burning amidst a society going cashless, while practices of patience become dated and wisdom is scorned as aging prophets no long
 Hungry hue-mans were in caves driven to consume and feed a tribal network, we made weapons from stones because survival amongst common rivals for food was the need we set and met first.
Verse 1) ive got snake eyes, I can barely wait for tonight I'm paranoid praying hat I dont see a satan. i'm impatiently waiting still debatin for this new world nation....
Forget the world we live infor it will never be life as we perceive it to be.seemingly, we’re just here,attempting to live lifeunder the rule of different pagan societies. 
This year mi nah garn care This year mi ah care less What dey wan chant, wah dey wan do Dem wan see we dead inna sufferation But pon di water dey wan we dead we are sail
Hong Kong China crunchclash of ideologies—iron mixed with clay . . © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Well It Was A Matter of Time ... Before Some Minds Would Eventually Find ... Conspiracy Vibes About The Design of This Corona Line ...
Now Virgelements' Set Precedents ... For Sentiments Fit For Regiments ... Where Expression Deals In LEVELLING ...
So ..... " Coronas All Around ! " ... Is Now The NEW Sound ... !!! But I DON'T MEAN ... BEERS ... !!!
Ya Know ... Big Virge Words... Are Built To Merge With ... " The Purge "... As In The Flick That TRULY IS ... SICK... !!! But Here's The Trick... This Flick Has Some TWISTS That May Well PREDICT ...
Yesterday the wind blew Fourthousand Sixhundred and Fourty Five   In a cardboard box We lie awake With our eyes sowed shut By strings that hang from above   Like puppets we lie
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
So Folks ... " Are You Ready " ... ? For Prose I Write Through Use of Rhyme ... That PROVES My Mind Is ... " EVER READY " ... To Spread Information Just Like .... CONFETTI .... !!!
It's HARD These Days To Fight ... " The Good fight " ... !!! When So MANY Things Are Kept From ... "Sight" ... !!!!!
Axe Murderers ... " GUILTY As Charged " ... !!!!! They'll Now Spend Time STUCK Behind Bars .... !!!!! But Let Me Pull Some OTHER Cards ... From The Pack Where GUILT Is Stacked ... !!!!!
Why Do People ... " HATE " ... ?!? Because of Someone's Race ... ? Because of Their Religion ... ? Or Because Someone's ... " Gay " ... ? I Don't Believe In HATE ... !!! But Hate Is Getting GREAT ... !!!
Decades decades decades  Each tick of the clock we evolve Gaining insight, losing primitiveness We promised to be “American”
There is a wall plan, And it is being applied. Then money isn't there.
It can be hard when they hide knowledge from you. Intellectuals will have all the power. Those without control will never have a clue, And their ignorance will cause them to cower.
Brother, father.  A son and daughter.  See, fresh water.   Look, there’s an otter!   What’s an otter doing underwater?   
When I think of the world I'm afraid to look at what it has become. People struggle through the darkness that has risen all through out the pastures of their very land.
It's appalling,  that the government has no problem controlling a woman's body but refuses to control guns.  It's insane,  the sheer ignorance and deranged blame...
I never learned how to apply for a loan. I had to ask my mother how to buy a home. My mind nearly collapses Trying to file taxes. Yet I feel like I’m expected Not to be protected
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
The Black (pt. 3) In the farthest field there is a deep pit A wound, proclaimed in the dusty outreaches Of sweeping grass element Which now and again bubbles and Blossoms
Dear People With Money, Attending college is tough when the world ain't as sunny.   I've learned people like you make my debt appear. And it's also you who brought me great fear.  
There is a rich Wall Street investor Who is a digital wealth master. One day, crypto prices rise, Thinking that selling is wise, He lost and faces a sequester.
Bits, Bits. It's digital reaching everybody. Use money without middlemen. My bits!
I am always in the passenger seat.   You can drive me wherever, But there is nothing I can do.   If I protest, I still can't drive. If I try to drive, I crash.  
Ever so corrupted Is our society We need to lay hatred to bed Yet the others do not see   I have become humanities scapegoat Its as if this earth is on mute Its arms around my throat
Dear Government, Thank you for protecting usIn times of need,But really, can you describe yourself as marvelous?If that’s your only good deed?Power,You possess itYou grasp it With every fiber of your existenceYou abuse it Twist it and turn it arou
Quietness swept the nation. The only noise that could be heard was a small ringing sound. No one talked. And no one cried. They just walked.
You came unto me Because you love me   And because I love you I will protect you    And because you love me You will defend me at every opportunity   And because I love you
There is a fragile world with a city made of eggshells. Alas, The ground is always cracked And the people are made of glass.
Rora wakes up to the sound of Monday morning news, except, she doesn’t know what it’s talking about:  nonsense, fighting over agreeing,  two sides of the same coin.  The nurse comes rushing, 
Anger rises in me today, But angry things are not what I want to say. I don't want to say how I'm angry at man, For doing as much destruction as they can, I don't want to say how I much I hate,
Unity is Nowhere to be seen. I only see racism, The bigotry and prejudice. Everywhere, there is hatred for Diversity.  
The thought of someone out there Believing they do not matter, Because their president says so.    The satisfied looks on the faces of people Who have never valued those different than themselves. 
America How could you? I trusted you, I believed  in you, And now with every passing day I weep As this once great nation is now in shambles.   How could we stray so far
Born into a place that depicits my race as something bad, as something less than them.  Born into a place that thrives on the white face.  That white is pure and anything of color is a disgrace. 
Why are we turning back? Was the scar from the trail of tears not deep enough? To plunge another knife, in our tarnished history? We are the epitome of irony, and all our immigrant ancestors would agree.
   Oh say can you see, the wall being built? The country we once knew now thrown on a tilt.The Dawns early light is from nuclear bombs.People praying in church reading a psalm.For this country, once so strong, now led by a man who acts before he t
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
Red white and blue Land of the free Land of the brave Land of prejudice and violence   We love our country We discriminate against our people
Women standing in the crowded downtown, Hold home-made signs in their hands. Many of them read,  "Keep your laws off my body". I am one of these women who stand, Although my hands are empty.
We have these hands; they give us power To pledge allegiance, to swing a sword To hold hands, to strike hands, to chain hands, to mend hands This is the power to manipulate our physical exterior with accuracy
O say can you see Just how far we’ve come. The injustice in our country Is a battle far from won. People line the streets
God Bless America! Where the grand homes spit on the peasent who make the ground they walk on God Bless America! Where black infestation is eliminated by the wonderful cops who are suppose to be protection
Even if we're known as America the Great, Land of the Free. We're a land full of hate, Gone and dead at the sea.   We Trumped our way to fate, And fate is lead by a chimpanzee. He will dictate,
Imitation is suicide Why walk when you can fly What wakes me up early to greet the day Is turning on the news and hoping to see a change But all I see is children in chains And sand covered in brains
Imitation is suicide Why walk when you can fly What wakes me up early to greet the day Is turning on the news and hoping to see a change But all I see is children in chains And sand covered in brains
I wonder how long we hold feud To what is red and what is blue Yet our eight legged branch can't walk On a single file ant line to the booth For the new insect order say to be behind the head
1893, they overthrew the queen. Stole the kingdom, and killed her dream. A dream that her people were safe, that they will not suffer. That dream is no longer.  
This world is horror This world is hate It's all disorder Stuck in this fate Where are you now? What have you done? Your final vow The end has begun I will not bow I will not fall
We live in a simple world, carried on by the words, "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave." But how important are those words that this country was built on? How do we live by these words that we're supposed to stand for?
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
Human Rights These are rights that are endowed to every human, rights that make us all equals. I cannot live without human rights, taking away these rights takes away my humanity.
I am a Wordsmith. I live in an era of camouflage won by men who are dangerously armed, but who need hugs Teachers who are paid less for what it costs them to be heard,
I speak of 'I' as millions of voices calling for change. Every day, every week and every month, I expect to see the changes, Year by year, with promises of hope and unfulfilled dreams,
– Where is the Justice? My feet matches on oil, But lives in a world full of self-doubts and loss, Yet in the faces of challenges, I strive to live on, because in victory tells the story.
We live in a world where opinions are wealth. Money is power, and power is stealth. Power wipes out the people with concerns. The wealthy obviously wear the devil’s horns.
The focus of school has turned on us Administators no longer showing student trust. As a student I call for a change Of a society open to not-perfect grades. Students work hard, day and night
Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created. That we allow ourselves to be hated, by each other by others by something we created.
Little did you know when our world "Leaders" meet to talk, they talk not about how to create peace but strategies for war.
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
Shot Heart pounding lungs burning Smoke fills the air the sounds of guns and explosions all around Senses heightened, looking to kill
I am so tired of being grossly comatose.
They say it's best to read your bible and that it's best to have a title,don't worship false idols, who's to choose, well at the top of the list is,"if it's at all tribal" it shouldn't exist,
Left or Right? Up or Down? Black or White? The switch is found   Life or Death? Give or Take? Crack or Meth? Lose the fake
It has been eighteen years Eyes locked tight shut as night enues  Not a glimpse of sunlight Not a glimpse of truth Not an idea of the ruthelessnes that governs our daily lives through and through
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
sorry to inform you  you are realieved of duty  the Department Of Labor  2010
I came here ready to be vulgar,
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
heroes. we used to believe we could see them everywhere, 
Your eyes Benjamin, why do they droop? Why new quarter, do you feel like plastic? Why, paper dollar, are you so thin? What makes you valuable? Money.  We kill trees for corporate needs. 
Shot in the streets like a non-memeber of humanity Arms raised, "Officer please don't shoot!" Sorry to break it down to you guys but justice don't always apply to the black group  
Why live solely by the bible, When it fills you full of hate. You'll only destroy, No ability to create. Endless sleepless nights, Questioning beliefs, But you have to keep your head down,
Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night, A new morning's beacon begins to ignite, Now dawns a day in which you will see, The people's will has set them free.   For all I want to give this nation,
The world has become full of destruction Going on a downward spiral causing an eruption All the people filled with anger and hate Make it hard to earn your keys to the holy gate
So tell me what the point is of anything
Whenever I open up ISIS That's the website for our finances I see thousands of due charges   It seems cruel for them to do this When all I've ever wanted to do is
Why me? What can I do? Why am I more deserving than others for financial elevation? I’m not.I’m just a girl with dreams of making a differenceBut I want anyway.I want to erode my own name out into history
We are the children of Red White and Blue,
Democrats hate America while Republicans hate minorities. Democrats despise business while Republican despise facts. Single issues control us, dividing and conquering. Prejudice overtakes us, judging and presuming.
Everyday is a living day  As i see people come and go by For some people is tragedy  For some others is heaven Twenty-two seven, Wandering in the streets Writing my life on these sheets
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
The Revolution Will not be Televised.  Hope will not be energized
That sounds like it nears the Land ofImposible. It's not that I can't write-most people have impaired eyes that make it
We tell ourselves lies, We blindfold ourselves to shield our own eyes. The hurt, the pain, We want it no more. Our own distractions will fill up our core. Hide all the books That cause us to feel.
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
A passion is a longing, A deep down tug or sorts, That pulls and guides you every day, To new mountain tops and new ports.   My passion is very special, It involves all of you,
We are nothing. They say we’re free. It’s just an illusion. Others believe it, but I refuse. These standards, these rules
Cancer, seeping through veins, clinging to bones killing our loved ones. There’s no cure, no cure they say but what billion dollar industry would forfeit their top product? 
It was a sunny frid
  Sweaty palms, the itchy insides of the smoky marsh pits, discolored cloudy eyes with battered Fort Knox thighs,
Life is like a shadow by Aymin ShataraWe chase it,it runsWe stop,it comesSun up , we goSun down, we comeNever stop, we want it bad
College. Every young girl and boy's dream.  A place where you create your niche. And become skilled. Hopefully enough to prosper.   They build you up to it your entire life. 
Where has the privacy gone? From homes separated by a large canvas Of green grass and long fences Now walls sit not a feet from walls Where voices can clearly be heard And privacy has dissipated into the
It's time to wake up so that we can shake up
Another day another conflict. It's an ongoing fight. Another law passed to strip us of our God given rights. They take away our land. They keep their hands in OUR pockets.
no format no “right” way to exist but capitalism was prescribed
They sit, contemplate, ready for their battles. Fiery words are thrown, angry men scream and shout,
My mind Is an exploding world of trips and triggers A field Of mines and trenches, warring colors And emotions. Motion blurs and lines, and ideas! But YOU tell me my mind is a hole
As they say, “From the Beginning,”   God made us a life worth living   Then we learned to lie and steal   Now this world is just too real                      
A tangle web, tangle lives But take a look deep down inside Greed consumes, greed takes It makes my heart ache   Children working for cents Children starving in the trench
Who am I to say what is wrong?Who am I to change those scars?The cuts run deep. Fissures to the starsSplit open and ruinedWhy is this Earth so scarred?
There are many things that need a fix But if I can only change just one, Government policy is what I’d pick Even if only a little can be done.   The economy is in such a bad state,
Because I said so, floats through the mouth Of every adult I know. Because I said so, Is a punishment because you havent lived life long enough to know better. Because I said so,
The youth have a caring wisdom we discard, The vast expanse of their world stretched out So beautiful, young minds yet to be marred With the reality of ego, money, and clout.
The problem with America, is wrong people are in the lead. Our government is corrupt with an exsessive amount of greed.There are children dying, there are parents crying, and all you can see is corporate sighing?
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
A War on the People The Government is Evil Solution, Bullets
   Life's Blind Spot By: George List
A league of oppressors, power-hungery and lusting for blood. A coalition of liars bound together by misinterpretation. A collection of cheats, blinded by greed. A murder of crows, watching the world from above.
A corrupt body  
You protect me with your torch And feed me with your golden dollar Your armies light my way While my body rests in flaking corn
It's red, staining the ground someplce I've never been and never will go. For me. It's a sacrifice, a total giving of life So I can keep mine. I can breathe
This may be belated, but education has stated that we need it for jobs. Where we rob the poor for the poorer. Your money's never yours, it's his and hers and theirs and mine. You say that's just fine,
Numerous years past, through our eyes, is the founding of our country, yet in perspective, just a few decades.
I go to school in a melting pot I thought I was the majority but now I think not I am now the minority at school not that is matters It took me two years to notice it and my brain isn't scattered
Money vs Survival
Do you ever stop to think about irony? I pursue those who reject me. I reject those who pursue me. What a mystery! That is simple irony.   Do you ever stop to think about irony?
Time flies by and everything is forgotten, the goverment stop to watch it all waste away, does everything have to be so rotten, because i have something to say. Instead of just watching pain. fix it,
At times it seems like money grows on trees because the governement lets go of money like it's shaking of fleas $40,000 dollars they spend on each prisoner each year
Politics to Black Friday You have a manager at a store that sets the prices. They open the doors and show the ideas to the crowd. Then they sit back and watch the crowd go wild.
Education is sort of like a loose screw, attached to a failing machine that tomorrow might turn on and we’ll all find out doesn’t work anymore. Here, let me clarify.
when the door closes that's when the clock stop, that's when his mind take control,  to all those who don't know  he's speaking in ways only some will fully know while others stare blankly and you just continue to go no stops or brakes not even a
Their Eyes are on the Door (The Gay Scene)   Their eyes were on the door of clubs like Casablanca, where they wait to judge. They clutter together like leaves stuck in a drain, old ways refusing to budge.
Come to me. My fellow citizens, Feel happy and joy. You are all equal in my eyes. Let me take care of you. Let me handle things. Don't let books, movies, and music Tell you what you feel.
Skittles, Multicolored Candy that's Sweet to the Teeth Mingle with blood on the concrete floor Of an innocent boy Whose color didn't match his murderer So why didn't we war On a gluttonous bigot,
  wham, bam, and thank you uncle sam! taking our brothers, our sisters: just lambs. leaving our children on streets in the cold. not much of an uncle, all you do is scold!  
                                                 Moe'Suckra                                                                        A Tale of Censorship    
What would the world be like if there was no such thing as money? Would it be a better, simpler life? With no greed; no killing or fighting to be rich? How would it affect everyday people?
"Don't have a big head, the world doesn't revolve around you." There's no I in team, that's all that I knew. There are people that are starving, homless and broke. But that's only in movies, it was only a joke.
This world Governments rule over the people People lose faith in the power They lose faith in themselves Someone rises up from the fallen And leads the people Fighting for peace and freedom
          Education is not a matter of equality, for the government doesn't lie in desires of mortality         . The future is deprived, because of the lack of cognition floats in our backwards spin tunnel.
  Look around you Don’t let them surround you Open your eyes Don’t let fear keep them shut Turn off the TVs They are poisoning your mind Get off of Facebook before you run out of time
I dream of a life where media isn't idolized, Where women can love their bodies the way they are and society will no longer have ficticious expectations. I dream of a love that is PURE and true,
I asked myself, what the FUCK is education? A nine letter noun that involves complete concentration... I ended up searching the actual definition, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
My future is decided. My skin color defines it. My skin color is it. This is what I am told, An "invisible" label I have to bear. A pathway guides me to what I have to be.
You stand up there, teaching us this crap How will it apply and when will I use that can’t I pick my own classes? Go to class when I want Whys the government control us, I wish I could change that  
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
Wake up and realize your nightmares are real, the lies you sell are all fool's gold, fool's heaven, fool's love, the leader-fool's food. Just give it all up.
No government, no school No rulers left to control the situation Just weaponless citizens in an empty nation The cord to the mic's been cut Shut down the power lines Limit the electricity
Go to school Become bored   Whine Waste time It is a sign.   What happend to the education?   We learned to memorize. We learned to patronize.
Free will, Free will, Free will, Oh how I hate to pay my bills,    The government sucks, As all we do is give them great bucks, In Washington they do nothing but screw everything up,
My uncle once told me never to smell money; for liking the smell of money is selfish, I suppose, greedy, as if the green scent is blood in an ocean infested with sharks
Some may call it stupid. Other call it dumb. The consensus is: A government shut down makes people glum. The resounding question is why can't they just agree? They are acting like children if you were to ask me.
  They walk around scared and when we come near they give us odd stares when really we should be the ones with fear when the coppas roll around the gun us down outta no where
I didn't mind Paul Revere until now cruelly depicted on the silken noose cinched tight to keep his head up And with a cry of "The liberals are coming!"  he sneers behind crooked teeth 
They. I. You. Me.  Them. Us. We. You are not YOU.  You are They. They are Us. They want you. They want Me... They want Us. You want Me to be 'Us'
The kids of the future Havin fun, laughing away Don't know a single damn thing in the world Crys and have someone to hold them Grow to become man or into woman So basic minded!
This government’s economy has the vanity of my insanity Givin’ rich kids free rides while they can't even cover my book fee Financial Aid said I'm too rich to be poor
Hi, my name is Lauren Lehman, I'm an ambitious poet from the South Florida Metropolitan Area.. I began writing poetry to help cope with traumatic events that I've overcome in my past.
The refreshment of man,  comes not with me, but rather we. "We the people" all after the liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness rumored we deserve. With ambitions to gain what we know little about. Take now. Learn later.
What does it mean to be free? Free is when you're allowed to do as you please.You are given the privilege to be who you decide you want to be.But are we really free?
  Look at all the people Staring in disbelief Witnessing terrorism Help commander in chief   We seek the governments help We hide under their protection But when it comes to danger
Zombies. Shuffling in a straight line. Thirsting for the one thing. Never satisfied. Zombies. Draw fake smiles on their faces. Everyday the same. They follow the rules, they say their graces.
break out Of bounds; set the standards around What others cannot Trouble inbound; bein followed Back to the roots, the home, the starting point disjointed from the hip
Pouding, pouding, pounding away The remains of a once loved city Crumbling away under them They don't even see Eyes hopeful enough to imagine a light at the end Ways of fixing what they've destroyed
They can take away your guns, your money, and your rights, They can put down your revolts, Put an end to your fight, But they can't take away your words, And that's why I write. We're at war, But what for?
Roses are red and I am not a poet and I am not an artist and I’m not the glue that sticks to your shoes andYou should choose your friends more carefully and
Don’t be afraid You’re not in trouble But one wrong word And your father's lost forever   Not that we’ll tell you It’s all behind your back You’re too young to understand all the facts  
Inadvertently deserted a right to be without knowing.
Flag of blue, white, yellow, and green Outside of the country, that is all that is seen  But, I flew, to the other side of the world  For 9 months, an unexpected land unfurled   
A mission. A mission. what am I to do? High school and college intend to point me right to:   The purpose of my days, the job I am to do. Why do I feel so lost, torn and confused?
Who knew  one could be so  submissive . . . ? mopping and cleaning plates for mere tips We dream and play  until one day it slips Not a care for others
I listen to them, I listen well They tell me to listen with my eyes What I see through the screen is perpetual hell.
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
What happening to the world we live in... As we turn on the news, their goes a child killed by the offcials that are suppose to protect us.
Born to be one of you Programed to act as you do Civilized by your instruction To bring on self destruction I have no rights I have no voice There is no freedom There is no choice
The world must wake up To the culture we've created Everything's always debated to the point of broken hearts. We throw the darts at the Holy one, who is right. Morals so far out of sight
In this world People only say what they want others to know. Speech gives the power of deception to those who choose to cloud the truth. Speech is the rain that blurs
Gazing into the bowels of the beast known as Boomtown I watch as its victims succumb to the temptations The depravations The unending depreciation Of small-town America All sparked by a foul-smelling black fuel.
Lavish lies conceal flattering false prophets Under a guise that is layers deep A ritualistic routine of self masocation Of emotional measures physicality intact Progressing and digressing
Everyone has dreams. Only few wake up and chase them. The sleep are sheep. who can't release, grips, from the nation. Stricken in poverty. This can't be life, Obviously. GOD didn't put us here
Near the bottom of our system Ignorance exists, and its consequences are prevalent. Out of sight out of mind only hinders our development, When negligence is evident from the government’s irrelevance,
“Your parents make too much money”, the government states and that’s the first thing wrong with financial aid My parents make enough money to survive and pay bills but I’m not a rich kid who can pay so let’s be real
Flesh and bone A purpose, if you’re lucky Suppression if you’re not. Why are some men carved in the enduring stone of history While others wither without a beat?
Society, Society, Society It whispers in my ear Leaves it stings And never fails Using me as its target
I'm riding in a car with people I just met, Realizing that my mind is so far away from theirs. I look around outside the car window seeing the life I live in, While questioning the thoughts that are going through my head.
Strength is not always, Muscle and brawn, But the feelings you have inside.
i am disenchanted i don’t care about your world of illusions with its love that isn’t; it’s just romantic
History the past When did they invent the cash? That would stimulate economies And create a large gap In between the lines You cant read like "Between the Lions" You cant read the fine print
My conclusion, revolution, only solution Government pollution, prostitution, no given restiution Conisistent years of slavery, soliders die from bravery Veterans don't get the respect for what they get paid to see
Why is no one answering my cries? I lash out in hopes that someone will notice, But all that responds is never-ending silence. Music used to be my perfect muse… Now it doesn’t even offer me comfort.
Whats up with all this terrorism, racism, crime, and poverty? It must be in result of all this sovereignty, Or maybe because we've made this idea of reliability a novelty. Do we expect everyone to just win the lottery?
The roses are bloody The violets are brown The people are dying Because of the crown The King has no power When next to the Queen She orders the kills And looks out on the scene
Our World is quiet, and operates in shadows. The secret committees commence with their meetings. The silent leaders annually rendezvous. We are strong and stealthy, though we are only teething.
No surgery Lost limbs Give a leg Then ask of him, Restore my sight With nothing to hide
Dionysus hazed reality, Patronizing life’s malleability. Amethyst cannot prevent this truth, When a bard’s words run dry and uncouth.
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